Survive The Affair

How To Rekindle The Romance: A Surprising Trick That Really Works

When you think about sexting, what usually comes to mind is cheating and carrying on affairs in secret. What if I told you … [Read More...]

How To Rebuild Trust In A Relationship

After your spouse has lied to you while carrying out an affair, whether it was once or many times, it is hard to know whether … [Read More...]

How Do I Get Rid of the Negative Images After an Affair?

What images are playing in your head today? Are they the same images you saw yesterday, and do you really want to experience them again tomorrow? These obsessive post-affair images that are haunting you are very common to experience. As a victim of an affair, it is completely normal to have these images of your […]

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How To Get Rid Of Negative Thoughts After An Affair

When you have been cheated on, you may start to feel like you are losing your mind. Your thoughts may get out of control to the point where it is starting to drive your crazy. This is completely normal because you have suffered an emotional blow by finding out that the person you trusted has […]

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Honesty, Lies and Your Spouse

If your spouse had an affair, whether it happened once or multiple times, lies are still involved. The cheater told deliberate lies, omitted truths or combined the two in order to carry out the affair. You may already be trying to work on your marriage and forgive your spouse, but honesty, lies and your spouse’s […]

How Much Do You Trust Your Cheating Spouse

It’s safe to assume that your answer would not be 100%. Affairs have devastating effects, not just on your feelings, but also on the foundations of your marriage. Nothing breaks a person’s trust like an affair, and you know that without trust, there’s no way of saving a marriage. But, what if you would find […]

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3 Ingredients for Falling in Love Again with your Spouse

If your spouse cheated on you and the very foundations of your marriage has been rocked; you will wonder how you will get over the infidelity and fall in love again with your spouse. Perhaps you have already worked on other aspects of saving your marriage – the denial, the whirlwind of emotions, negative thoughts […]

Why Did My Husband Cheat?

Unsatisfied Needs: Not an Excuse for Cheating Not all cheaters know why they cheated; some of them are not even sure what really pushed them to cheat. Nothing will ever justify cheating; however, victims of affairs oftentimes try to justify their spouses’ actions. Usually they blame it on unsatisfied needs. Let’s take a look at […]

Am I Responsible For My Spouse Cheating?

Your Cheating Spouse and Your Responsibilities Affairs are becoming common, but the pain they bring doesn’t dwindle. It is but natural for anyone to feel devastated, confused and betrayed. In fact, the multitude of emotions running over your body can also take over the rationality of your thoughts. You might even think that because marriage […]

Getting Over An Affair

An affair can devastate even a strong relationship because it brings about difficult emotions such as anger, guilt, betrayal, and humiliation. Getting over an affair is very difficult because of the strong emotions involved, but the good thing is that emotions can change as time goes by. With support and a lot of effort, it […]

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What Is An Emotional Affair?

When your partner has begun an emotional relationship with somebody else, it can be hard defining this type of relationship. So what is an emotional affair anyway? Oftentimes, an intimate, close friendship with an outsider to the relationship can turn into an emotional affair. Despite the fact that there might not be any physical aspect […]

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