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How To Rekindle The Romance: A Surprising Trick That Really Works

Rekindle The RomanceWhen you think about sexting, what usually comes to mind is cheating and carrying on affairs in secret. What if I told you that the very same tool people use to cheat on their partners can actually be used to rekindle the romance and bring the passion back into your relationship?

Simply pressing a few buttons on your cell phone may be all it takes to turn your mundane relationship into the steamy and passionate love you had in the beginning, during the honeymoon phase.

So how can something as simple as texting put the spark back in your relationship? The great thing about texting is you can do it from anywhere. You could be on a business trip across the country and send your partner a secret message that creates an intimate channel between just the two of you.

By creating this private little fantasy world that only the two of are a part of, you will open the door to rebuilding your romantic relationship. Sending these private messages is a simple thing you can do, but it lets your partner know you are thinking about them.

With all of our modern technology these days, it is really easy to become disconnected from people. Remember the days when people sent love letters? When was the last time you actually sent or received a love letter? With texting, you can actually capture the same feelings and activate the romantic part of your partner’s mind in the same way.

Why not use modern technology in a way that actually enhances your personal connection to your partner, rather than letting it separate you from them?

Since men and women have completely different brains when it comes to romance, there are actually some tricks as to what to write in your texts, depending on whether you are texting a man or a woman.

For example, men are very visual and respond to what they see, whereas women are more emotional and respond more to story telling, langugae, and fantasy.

If you are woman texting your male partner, you want to focus on creating a visual image. You could text your man, “Do you remember the smile on my face last night right before you left?” Your man will picture that right away and think about you.

So if you are a man texting your female partner, you want to create more of an emotional response. You could text something like “Can you imagine how good it will feel to wrap my arms around you tonight?” You might feel cheesy writing something like this, but it will give a woman chills, guaranteed.

You want to be unapolagetically romantic in your texts and lay your heart out there. You might feel silly doing it in the beginning, but as it starts working, you’ll get more into the groove.

You may be thinking, “I couldn’t possibly do that. What would I write?” If you are truly stumped on what you would write, there is a great guide called Text The Romance Back that has everything you need to know.

One example of the kinds of texts you can learn about is called an appreciation text. It’s a great one to start out with if you’re not sure where to begin. It would go something like this: “You have no idea how much I love and appreciate having you in my life, but I’m going to show you tonight … :-)”

For more ideas like that one, you can check out Text The Romance Back here.

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